Baseball Uniform FAIL!

giants jersey fail Baseball Uniform FAIL!

Spelling Bee anyone? How do you spell San Francisco? NOT LIKE THAT! Look closely at the uniform. Please read more… 

Eugene Velez had no idea his jersey had San Francisco spell “San FranCICSO”. Oops. Apparently no one on the Giants team noticed either, or it they did, they didn’t tell him. Kind of like when you have a booger and no one tells you and you later realize it when you look in the mirror and think, “WHAT THE…Thanks everybody!” LOL. :)

Honestly just by glancing at it, you don’t notice it at first. And it’s not the first time Majestic the maker of all MLB uniforms made such a mistake. Last season they failed the Washington Nationals with spelling the Nationals as “NATINALS” on their jerseys. Yahoo! Sports has more on the story. Click here!

By the way I LOVE baseball…GO DOGERS! OOPS I mean Dodgers! :)


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