The Frogmen’s Stupid News- Gift With Vasectomy And 5th Grader Gets Busted For Bracket

A urologist is luring patients in with free pizza, plus a fifth grader gets busted to making brackets at school!


A Cape Cod, Mass., urologist is offering a free pizza to men who are seeking vasectomies in March, officials said.  The Urology Associates of Cape Cod is running TV commercials offering a free pizza with a vasectomy.  March Madness is also tied into the deal as a way of enticing men to undergo the procedure, which requires men to sit on the couch and rest for a few days.  The ads feature an attractive woman playing with a basketball and a voice over that asks: “Hey guys! Want to watch the college basketball tournament guilt-free?” Then, the free pizza with a vasectomy offer is presented. “You know you’ve been thinking about a vasectomy, anyway. Now’s the time to get it done,” the voice over says.


March Madness is being blamed for a Nebraska fifth graders recent trip to the principal’s office.  According to, eleven-year-old Max Kohll received a stern lecture this week after attempting to run an NCAA tournament pool at Omaha’s Columbian Elementary.  Max was collecting five-dollars from every one of his friends who wanted to submit a bracket.  Unfortunately, when the school’s principal learned of Max’s pool she brought him down to her office and told him the fun was coming to an end.  Max’s mom says she was a little embarrassed when the principal called because she had fronted Max the five-dollars for his bracket.

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