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The Frogmen’s Hollywood Cheese: Most Overpaid Actors And Frankie Muniz Suffers A Mini-Stroke

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Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Image

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Image

Kelli Green Kelli Green
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Forbes has just released a list of actors, you probably don’t want in your movies. Plus a young actor suffers a mini stroke.


Eddie Murphy tops Forbes list of the most overpaid stars in Hollywood. Forbes complies the list  by comparing every dollar of the actor’s salary to every dollar the film made at the box office over the last 3 years. Murphy tops the list by earning $2.30 for the movie for every dollar he made. Katherine Heigl was second on the list getting paid $1 for every $3.40 the movie grossed. One of the more surprising actresses on the list is Oscar winner Sandra Bullock. She came in at #4  grossing $5 for the movie for every $1 she made.


Former “Malcom In The Middle” star Frankie Muniz, 26, is under doctor’s after suffering a mini stroke. Sources say he was acting strange, so he was taken to an emergency room in Arizona. Friends say he was having trouble speaking and understanding words, but doctors are still unsure what triggered it.

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