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The Redneck Soapbox Presents: Top 10 Redneck New Year’s Resolutions

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Leapin' Lee and Christy McLeap Host 'The Redneck Soapbox'
Christy_SQ Christy McLeap
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Leapin’ Lee and Christy McLeap got together recently to compose a list of the most popular new year’s resolutions for Rednecks.

Here’s the list:

  1. Try your darndest to drown a fish
  2. Vow to mow the lawn in hope to discover old forgotten objects underneath
  3. Try not to wear a tube top to your next wedding event
  4. Buy a shirt that covers your entire mid-section
  5. Improve your “Barbecued Spam” recipe and fire up the grill
  6. Cut the mullet. Billy Rae Cyrus did it and so can you!
  7. Try not to take your fishing rod to Seaworld
  8. Wash the sheets, don’t just vacuum them.
  9. Finish that all-possum-hair coat you had planned for ‘Momma’
  10. Learn to spit without opening your mouth
  11. Get your front row tickets to Stagecoach!!!

Michael Trobisch (K-FROG 95.1)

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