The Frogmen’s Stupid News: Thief Posts Pictures And A Fish Pedicure

Facebook helps to capture a thief. Plus a salon owner is battling the state over her fish pedicure service.


Some criminals are idiots! One jewel thief was tracked down by British police, because he posted pictures on Facebook. Charles Rodriguez and another man allegedly stole more than $100,000 of diamonds and pearls from a jeweler’s car. Police were able to pinpoint the crime to Rodriguez, but he fled to Columbia for a vacation. Columbia doesn’t have a extradition treaty with Britain, so officials had to wait to for Rodriguez to return. Luckily for authorities Rodriguez posted pictures of his vacation, so they were able to tell when he returned to Britain. Rodriguez was pulled over by London police and his identity was confirmed.


A salon owner is going to court after the state made her stop her fish pedicure service. During the fish pedicure customers would dip their feet in a tub of water with tiny fish. The fish then would eat the dead skin off their toes and heels. The state closed the service, because they said there was no way to sanitize the fish in between uses. The salon owner argues that the service is used around the world and no health issue has ever risen.

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