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The Frogmen’s Stupid News: Donkey Getaway Car And $2013 Meal

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Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kelli Green Kelli Green
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A group of robbers have a tough time with their getaway “car”. Plus a restaurant offers a new meal for the new year.


A trio of thieves cancelled their burglary attempt after their getaway car/ride failed to cooperate. The thieves had to abandon their stolen goods when the donkey they had set up for a getaway started to bray. The men were afraid the noise would attract the police so they fled. The donkey which was also stolen was still carrying the stolen items.

$2013 MEAL

A Manhattan restaurant kicked off the new year with a special meal priced at $2,013. The meal consists of handmade pasta topped with 2 pounds of fresh lobster served on a gold-leaf plate that the customer can take home. The restaurants says that they’ve already had 5 people order the New Year’s special.

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