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The Frogmen’s Stupid News: Cops Called Over Fast Food And 152 Inch TV

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Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images for McDonald's

Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images for McDonald’s

Kelli Green Kelli Green
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A man calls the cops over his fast food service. Plus there is a new big screen TV on the market and it’s huge!


A Scotland man called the police because he believed the employees at McDonald’s ignoring him. The man told the dispatcher that he got into an argument with the staff, because they were not taking his concern seriously. After the argument he went through the drive through and stopped his car to hold up the line. The police operator told the man that his argument with McDonald’s was not a police matter.


Talk about a big screen, there is a new TV on the market. The newest and biggest TV is from Panasonic and has a 152 inch screen. Panasonic Vice President Rick Albert says the resolution is 4 times better than the standard high definition TVs. The price tag on the TV is just as big though and will cost you $500,000.

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