Breaking: Gun Battle With Dorner Leaves Deputy Dead, Second Injured

We will continue to follow the story and report any additional developments.  In the meantime, you can watch live coverage at as they continue to report.

5:02PM – Update:  Second deputy injured in gunfight is expected to survive

4:47PM – Update:  Reports of ammunition exploding as the cabin burns, authorities have not approached the building

4:37PM – Update:  Fire personnel have arrived on scene, building is fully aflame

4:24PM – Update:  One deputy has been pronounced dead, a second is in surgery at Loma Linda following shootout

4:21PM – Update:  Cabin where suspect is hiding is now reportedly engulfed in flames

4:02PM – Update:  Two San Bernardino Sheriff Deputies were flown to Loma Linda University Medical Center – conflicting reports state one officer may have been killed in shootout

3:27PM – Update:  Highways 38, 330, 18, 138 all closed into mountain areas

3:07PM – Update:  Injured officers have been airlifted to local hospitals

3:04PM – Update:  LAPD press conference LIVE now –

2:32PM – Update:  Highway 38 is closed at Bryant above Mentone

2:17PM – Update:  CBS Los Angeles reporting that the situation began with a home invasion and carjacking

2:07PM – Update:  Two San Bernardino County Sheriff Deputies have been injured, according to CBS Los Angeles.  A helicopter medi-vac is reportedly searching for a place to land to assist the injured officers.

2:04PM – Update:  According to the Associated Press, alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner has been sighted near Angeles Oaks approximately 10 miles from Big Bear, and has engaged officers in a gun battle resulting in multiple injuries.

1:00PM – Update: Conflicting reports of a carjacking and shootout  in the Angeles Oaks are South of Big Bear

Click the link to watch live video of the events as they unfold:


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