10 Reasons You Should Do The Mach One Mud Run

1. Bonding Experience

Picture it: Your wave just started, a hundred people or so dash for the first mud pit, you’re holding your teammates hands for support and it hits you…literally mud hits you in the face. You’re all laughing, jumping, excited that it’s actually started and you’re actually doing it! Participating in the Mach One Mud Run will bring you and your friends closer together and it will give you a story to share. Your other friends will be jealous they didn’t participate with you and BOOM, you have a team for next year.

0012 10 Reasons You Should Do The Mach One Mud Run

2. Cheaper than a spa

Do you know people actually pay up to $200 dollars to sit in a pool of mud? Isn’t that insane?! You can pay $55 individually or $212 team to run in mud all day, AND get an award afterwards!

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3. Singles mixer

Ladies, let me tell you from experience, there is a TON of hot, single, and soon to be muddy men who participate in the Mach One Mud Run. From Firefighters to Marines to just a bunch of dudes lookin’ for a good time, you’re bound to meet your future boyfriend here. Gentlemen, there are soon to be a ton of single ladies reading this who now want to attend just to meet you, be ready.

2012 06 09 10 04 46 335 10 Reasons You Should Do The Mach One Mud Run

4. Friends Mixer

There is no such thing as having too many friends! Sign up individually and make a friend in your time wave to get muddy with. Afterwards at the party, you can exchange your Facebook and Twitter accounts, post pictures like your besties, and now you have a new life long friend.

2012 06 09 09 36 57 260 10 Reasons You Should Do The Mach One Mud Run

5. Post Mud Party

Who doesn’t like a party? After you drag yourself across the finish line all hot and muddy, we’ll be waiting for you with food trucks, beer, awards, and live music! Single people, I would suggest hittin’ up the shower station first so you look fresh and clean and ready to get your flirt on.

2012 06 09 10 14 25 648 10 Reasons You Should Do The Mach One Mud Run

6. Accomplishment

Just think: you’re running/walking a 5K course full of mud and obstacles with 2,000 other people. What is the rest of the world doing? Most likely still sleeping, eating junk food, or watching re-runs of the Bachelor. You’re boss compared to everyone else right now!

0013 10 Reasons You Should Do The Mach One Mud Run

7. A chance to get muddy– Everyone wants to do it

Don’t lie, you’ve always wanted to just roll around in a pile of mud just to see what it feels like or to say you’ve done it. It would just be weird if you made a mud pit in your backyard and told people you’ve experienced this. But, it would be cool and totally awesome if you told your fellow peers you in fact have been muddy at the Mach One Mud Run, prepare for your peeps to bow down at your feet.

0028 10 Reasons You Should Do The Mach One Mud Run

8. Getting into shape

It’s 2013, what are you waiting for? Is it motivation that you need to get up and do something? Sign up for the Mach One Mud Run and start training to be the best you can be! It will kick-start a fitness craving your body is so hungry for. Next thing you know you’ll look like a muddy version of Megan Fox or Bradley Cooper. You can thank us later.

0019 10 Reasons You Should Do The Mach One Mud Run

9. Bragging rights

Not a lot of people can say they’ve participated in a 5K run, let alone a MUD RUN. Use it as a pick up line in a bar, use it as a comeback for that guy giving you a hard time, or use it to motivate others to join you the next time around. Once you’ve accomplished finishing the Mach One Mud Run you’ve earned a whole new way to look better than your friends.

2012 06 09 09 47 21 867 10 Reasons You Should Do The Mach One Mud Run

10. Fun!

Lastly, if you can’t think of any other reason as in to why you would want to do the Mach One Mud Run, think of it like this: IT’S SO MUCH FUN! You will have a blast running through mud, crawling in mud pits, and celebrating your success afterwards with a party. Have a friend getting married? The Mach One Mud Run makes for a great bachelor/bachelorette party! It’s cheaper than Vegas, and way more fun!

2012 06 09 10 07 29 17 10 Reasons You Should Do The Mach One Mud Run

So what are you waiting for! Click here to register for the Mach One Mud Run!

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