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Thought You Should Know

Each week I will be grabbing an assortment of new released country music songs from past and present #NewMusicFriday’s to share. Monday’s are tough enough, so join us each Monday as we share with you my new music playlist and I hope you can add it to yours too. Welcome back to ‘Thought You Should Know’.

  1. “Cry To Me (with his dad Ted Broussard) – Marc Broussard

If you haven’t heard of this artist you might want to look him up. This isn’t Marc Broussard’s first rodeo in country music. This American singer-songwriter has been releasing music since 2011 and recently shared this video below on YouTube. It has not be released to iTunes yet, but for now, lets help rack up the views on YouTube.

  1. “Sand in the Bed” – Hudson Moore

“Sand in the Bed” is the honeymoon song, perfectly describing being in paradise with your love and not even leaving the room. Take a listen below and find out some exciting news from Moore as well. Can’t wait to hear Moore from this artist!

  1. “Vinyl” – William Michael Morgan

There is something about the way music sounds on vinyls that CDs and MP3s just can’t provide. “It may have a little static, but that’s alright,” Morgan sings as he describes the charming similarities between a relationship and vinyl in his new single, “Vinyl”.


  1. “Heart on Ice” – Sierra Black

Sierra Black has been writing and singing songs since she was 6 years old. She has opened for some of country music biggest stars like Little Big Town, Uncle Kracker and was recently brought onto the Route 91 Festival stage to perform “We Were Us” with Keith Urban in 2015. Listen to her new single below.

  1. “I Can’t Read Your Mind” – Eric Chesser

Eric Chesser’s “I Can’t Read Your Mind” has that traditional country music feel that we don’t typically hear these days. Chesser perfectly describes how guys probably feel most of the time, so ladies remember they can’t read our minds as much as we wish they could.

  1. “You Make It Look So Good” – Thompson Square

Thompson Square is back with a new single titled, “You Make It Look So Good.” Upon arrival of the new song, Thompson Square has been releasing teaser videos of their son, Rigney Cooper, breaking out of the crib to listen to the new single.

  1. “I’d Go Right Now” – Aaron Parker

Although, “I’d Go Right Now” wasn’t released recently, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get the recognition it deserves. Aaron Parker has that Kenny Chesney vibe with his voice and sound. Listen for yourself and let us know what you think.

  1. “Drunk People” – Ryan Hurd

Ryan Hurd began writing songs for Universal Music Publishing three years ago and since then, many have made it to country radio including, “Lonely Tonight.” Hurd’s EP was released in late 2015 and has a balance of songs creating his own unique sound. “Drunk People” is a song that everyone can relate to witnessing.

  1. “Something to Remember You By” – Jacob Davis

I came across Jacob Davis during one of my new music Friday searches last September. Davis instantly memorized me by the lyrics in “Something to Remember You By.” A song discussing the daily reminders of memories once shared with someone who isn’t around anymore. Although the subject can cause much pain to someone Davis simplifies it in his lyrics stating, “I’ll always have something to remember you by.”

  1. “Porch Swing Angel” – Muscadine Bloodline

Charlie Muncaster and Gary Staton are the duo vocals you hear in Muscadine Bloodline. They released their first single titled “Porch Swing Angel” in January 2016 and will be releasing more in June. The single is sure to be a heartthrob for all the females because lets face it, who wouldn’t want to be his porch swing angel?

  1. “Undone” – Joe Nichols

The “Tequila Makers Her Clothes Fall Off” artist, Joe Nichols, is at it again with his new release “Undone.”  Nichols describes all the ways a woman makes him feel undone with his catchy lyrics and traditional country feel. Listen below and let us know what you think on any of our social media sites.

  1. “Rock On” – Tucker Beathard

Well, we all knew this day would arrive. A day when the word hashtag would be heard in a song and Tucker Beathard did just that in his new single “Rock On”. “Rock On” describes many feelings: feelings of best wishes, feelings of regret and feelings of all the thoughts going through someone’s mind when a relationship ends.

  1. “My Girl” – Dylan Scott

Get ready to swoon over this new singer-song writer as he sings the words every woman wants to hear. In the first verse of “My Girl” Dylan Scott sings, “She looks so pretty with no make up on” and continues to praise his girl throughout the song. With over a million views on YouTube, “My Girl” is already capturing hearts and hasn’t even hit country radio…yet.

  1. “Cigarette” – Frankie Ballard

Frankie Ballard’s new music is finally arriving with song releases leading up to his sophomore album, El Rio, debuting on June 10th. Thanks to a 24-hour live stream, I was able to listen to the whole record for hours and fully enjoyed my job a little more that day because of that. Each song is a different story and the beats and melody behind the lyrics are pure perfection. Ballard recorded the album in El Paso, Texas to get away from the Nashville distractions.



  1. “Hey Whiskey” – Smithfield

Smithfield released their eight song EP in November of 2015. The duo’s unique vocal sound has a tender traditional country feel with their pure lyrics and soft melodies. “Hey Whiskey” is a song about a letter to whiskey and the effects it has on a person once they’ve tasted it.


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