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Dierks Bentley’s “Black”: New at Nine

Album releases become available for download Fridays at midnight East Coast Time. Since that’s 9pm Thursday night West Coast Time, every Thursday night, Pepper picks her three favorite songs from the new country albums and plays them on K-Frog for New at Nine! Here are her picks for this week.

The title for Dierks Bentley‘s new album Black comes from his wife Cassidy’s maiden name…and she inspired music from the album in more ways than one.

“Whenever I’m moving forward into a new album, I’m definitely looking for a new sound, some new idea to start writing to wrapping the album around,” Dierks explains in audio provided by the Universal Music Group Nashville. “So, it’s either a sonic thing or a lyrical thing or an idea.

“These last two records have really gone into that, on a pretty blank piece of paper – not sure what it’s gonna be or where it’s gonna come from. On the last record, it really came from – I had some personal stuff going on in my life, with people passing away, and people being born,” he recalls.


“On this record, it really came from the song “Black.” Just these milestones were passing me by, and I didn’t really get a chance to celebrate them or honor them. My wife and I had our ten year anniversary, and it just kinda came and went, so I kind of started thinking about that and relationships in general, and how crazy it is to be with someone for ten years.

“And that really sparked the idea for the song ‘Black,’ and really from there, that’s kind of the cornerstone of the record, that song, and that’s where the idea for this kind of relationship-based record came from, and trying to do it in a way that’s a little bit different than just a love song, all love song-based album. I think ‘Black’ is the closest thing I have to a love song on the entire record.

“So, it’s a little bit more of a look at the mysterious elements and the growth through a long-term relationship.”

Here are the three songs from Black that I played tonight for New at Nine:

  1. Black
  2. Somewhere on a Beach
  3. Different for Girls (with Elle King)

Dierks will perform “Somewhere on a Beach” on NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” tonight (Thursday, May 26th), then on the Summer Concert Series on NBC’s “The Today Show” tomorrow (Friday, May 27th), also known as “Black Friday,” in honor of the album.

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