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The Coffee Cup: Stuff My Grandma Says

I always knew my grandmother was quite a character, but I didn’t realize exactly how awesome and funny she is until I moved in with her.

In an attempt to bring a little bit of excitement to her day, I will often make a big deal about holidays for Grandma – whether it be serving “Shamrock Shakes” on St. Patrick’s Day, arranging for a visit from the Easter Bunny on Easter….and in the month leading up to Christmas, Grandma even had her own “Elf on the Shelf” to find every day.

So on Cinco De Mayo, I purchased a bag of chips, some salsa, tequila, and what I thought was margarita mix. As it turned out, it was a pre-fabbed margarita drink with the tequila already mixed in – you just had to add ice. So early in the afternoon of May 5th, we snacked on chips and salsa…and a little bit of margaritas (not too much – ’cause I did have to work that night!).

Last week, I came home from yoga one afternoon, and discovered that Grandma was drinking something out of a coffee cup. Naturally, I assumed it was coffee….until I saw her go for a refill….and she was finishing off the last of the pre-mixed margarita.

Every morning since then, when I see her drinking out of a coffee cup…..I’m automatically suspicious.


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