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Ultimate Summer Bucket List For You & The Kids

Remember when you were a kid? I  sure do. I remember the excitement of waiting for school to be out so I could spend my days outside playing with my sisters and friends. We would walk to the corner store and to get ice cream and sodas.

Whether were hanging out at the local pool or going to the park we pretty much spent a majority of or summer days outside. My mom had to practically drag us into the house when it got dark.

With the advancement in technology our kids are spending a lot more time inside playing their video games or tablets and not seeing the light of day as much as, well as I used to anyway. has put together an ultimate summer bucket list to complete with your kids. It looks like a ton of fun for your family and also a great way to get your kids outside to see the world around them. A nice break from technology. I think we all need that!


Here’s just a few bucket list options on the list. Get the complete list at

  1. Have a picnic.
  2. Watch a sunset at the beach.
  3. Fly a kite.
  4. Camp in the backyard.
  5. Stargaze.
  6. Play tag with all of the neighborhood kids.
  7. Run through sprinklers.
  8. Eat too many popsicles.
  9. Plant flowers or vegetables.
  10. Make and sell lemonade on your front lawn.
  11. Have an underwater tea party in the pool.
  12. Paint pet rocks.
  13. Ride your bike from sunrise to sunset.
  14. Watch fireworks.
  15. Go across the lawn on a Slip ‘N Slide for hours.
  16. Swing at the park until you’re out of breath with giggles.
  17. Have a water balloon fight.
  18. Go mini golfing.
  19. Get ice cream from the neighborhood truck (a lot).
  20. Make sidewalk chalk masterpieces.
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