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I Called Off My Wedding Because Of My Ex, But I Made A Mistake – Group Therapy Thursday

A runaway bride realizes she made a mistake and need an unbiased option to give her some advice.


Here’s the email we got asking for help:

Dear Scott, Heather, and Kelli,

I am in desperate need of an unbiased opinion. I feel like everyone I know is too close to my life to give me some real advice. I was supposed to get married last fall, but called off my wedding after I received a call from ex-boyfriend telling me he still loved me and didn’t want me to go through with my wedding. My ex and I were together for 4 years and talked about getting married, but ended up breaking up. I guess I never really got over him, but I meet my now ex-fiance and got all those same feelings. After a year of dating we got engaged and I was all set for our big day until my ex’s call gave me second thoughts. I called off the wedding broke up with my fiance and started talking to my ex again. Now 7 months later I totally regret my situation. My ex-fiance is still single, but I don’t know the right way to tell him I screwed up big time. How do I make things right with my ex-fiance, so we can finally have our wedding?

Do you have some advice for her?

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