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5 Tips For New Dad’s

If you thought being a mom was tough picture what dad’s go through. Women have a natural instinct on how to take care of children. Men have to learn some of the things that mom’s already have the instinctive ability to do.

Don’t get mad at your significant other if they don’t read your mind when you need help with your child or children. Sometimes guys just don’t know and need to be asked to help or told that you even need help.

Here’s 5 helpful tips for new dad’s. By the way Happy Father’s Day daddies!

5. Babies are demanding. Crying is the only way they know how to get their needs met. And yes it can be frustrating. So, when the going gets tough, take a break. And as it’ll happen along with the baby crying, the phone will inevitably start ringing, the dog starts barking and you feel overwhelmed.  Go outside, take a break and take some deep breaths.

4. Family time is extremely important. You should strive to make time with your family. In fact, try to make it a priority. After time passes do you want to have memories of working your life away or spending some more time with your kids?

3. Play time is what your children look forward to. It’s almost as if that’s their job. Make time to play with your kids. Even if it’s not your thing make an effort. Your child will have memories of you just being there with them.

2. I know it’s more hard for men than it is for women to be patient with kids, but guys you need to try. Try to be extra patient and even supportive with your kids and partner. Communication is a must.

1. Most important, take care of yourself. Not only mentally but physically too. You don’t have to go overboard and do the extreme health thing. Just make sure you’re there for your kids when they get older. I lost my dad in September of 2013. He smoked for years and wound up with lung cancer. My kids will never get to know him. I feel I was too young to loose him.


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