Want To Make Your Workout More Fun? Try Carrie Underwood’s Card Game!

Let’s face it, working out is a pain.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could make it fun? Or even somewhat tolerable?

Well Carrie Underwood found a way to maintain her enthusiasm for exercise and it’s so simple!

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In a recent interview with Cosmo, Underwood said her secret to fun workouts are playing cards. She actually makes a game out of it!

“I’ll often use a deck of playing cards to make my workouts feel more fun, because I really like to mix things up and get bored easily,” the 32-year old mom admitted.

But how does the game actually work?

Underwood says, “I’ll assign one exercise to each suit, including one upper body move (like push-ups or pull-ups), one lower body move (like weighted squats), one abs move (often using an abs wheel) and one cardio move (like jumping rope). Then I pick one card at a time and do as many reps are listed on each card until I get through half the deck. Then I’ll assign different exercises to each suit, and continue until I finish the deck.”

While the card game is absolutely brilliant, there’s still no full proof method on how to keep your baby occupied during your workout.

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