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A Thousand Horses See Their Fathers In Themselves

At some point in their lives, almost everyone starts to recognize traits in themselves that they unquestionably got from their parents, and the guys of A Thousand Horses are no exception.

“I like to drive,” says guitarist and vocalist Zach Brown. “I get that from my dad. He was a bus driver and a mailman, and I went, ‘Alright. I like to drive around sometimes.'”

“My dad – the way I got into music – was he loves music,” explains lead guitarist Bill Satcher. “My parents aren’t musicians, but my dad always had the nicest stereo, like the nicest CD player – everything that came out, the nicest stereo speakers, everything.

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“So we were constantly always listening to music. I guess he’s kind of an audio nut. You know he likes the sound of music, not just the songs. So at a young age I learned to listen to not just the music itself but the quality of it. And like, really dissect it and I still do that so I think you know I probably got my obsession with music from that.”

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