Twitter Releases Top Ten Tweeted Movies Of 2016While they’re not the top ten best movies of 2016, they’re the ones tweeted about the most.
Study Finds And Quantifies Pokemon GO's Positive Fitness BenefitsA recent study has quantified Pokemon GO's positive impact in how many extra steps it's caused American's to take.
You Can Take A VR Tour Of A Replica Noah's ArkJohan Huibers made a replica version of Noah's Ark, and now you can take a virtual reality tour of the vessel.
Study Finds Men More At Risk Of Overeating During HolidaysA study explains the mental side of why men try to out-eat friends and loved ones, even if it's subconscious.
You Too Can Own A Rock In A Pouch for $85Nordstrom offers a leather-wrapped rock in two sizes.
Jeff Foxworthy’s Grocery Store Random Act Of KindnessAs Jeff Foxworthy stood in line behind a mother of three, the comedian decided to make her day.
Santa's North Pole Home Valued at $656,957"A toy-lover's paradise nestled on 25 idyllic acres at the North Pole – perfect for spirited reindeer games."
Google Outdoes Itself On Santa TrackerGoogle’s annual Santa Tracker is expertly done and will be an oft-visited entity this December.
Man Cries Of Joy As Wife Uses Darth Vader To Tell Him He’ll Be A FatherIt wasn’t exactly “I am your father," but it wasn’t far off.
Here's Your Scientific Excuse To Have Ice Cream For BreakfastMove over eggs and bacon, ice cream could now be the best thing you could eat for breakfast. Well, mentally at least.
Wendy’s To Give Free Jr. Frosty For A Year With $2 Frosty KeyWendy’s is selling a $2 Frosty Key which will give customers a free Frosty Jr. with every subsequent purchase.
How To Get A Letter From Santa With North Pole PostmarkUSPS says letters must be received in Anchorage by December 15 in order for the post office to work it's magic.

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