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Hot Cars Are No Place To Leave Kids, Even Briefly

Don’t leave your kids in the car to run a quick errand or for anything. Never, ever. It’s against the law, but more importantly it’s a potentially fatal mistake.

K-FROG 95.1–08/20/2014

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Desert Water Agency Wants Your Lawn

You’ve no doubt heard about the drought. If you’re wondering what to do beyond shorter showers, turning off the water while you brush and sweeping instead of hosing, well here’s an idea.

K-FROG 95.1–08/20/2014

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Desert Job Expo Set For September

September 10th desert businesses will be given the opportunity to network and recruit qualified employees for their employment positions

K-FROG 95.1–08/20/2014

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George Strait’s “Amarillo By Morning” – Throwback Thursday Lunchtime Leftover

It’s Throwback Thursday and that means you get to hear great songs from the 80’s, 90’s and the early 2000’s that you don’t get to hear everyday on K-FROG.

K-FROG 95.1–08/14/2014

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Forum Set To Discuss Preparedness In Event Of A Disaster

Join community and faith-based organizations, along with emergency management and response professionals as they discuss disaster preparedness and establishing a safety net across the 23rd Senate District.

K-FROG 95.1–08/13/2014


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