Garth Brooks Gets Special Guest Suggestions For Stagecoach [INTERVIEW]Garth Brooks is a fan of music and no doubt a ton of people are fans of his music, celebrities included. We gave him some suggestions of celebrities to bring to Stagecoach.
Gwen Stefani's Christmas Album Features Blake SheltonBlake Shelton is helping his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, celebrate the holidays with a new duet on her upcoming Christmas album. 
Big Brother 19 Finale: Julie Chen Backyard InterviewBig Brother 19 wrapped up with a shocking finale, even Julie Chen couldn't believe it. She told us Paul got "robbed".
Big Brother 19 Finale: Ramses Backyard Interview
Big Brother 19 Finale: Jillian Backyard InterviewJillian gave us her opinion on this year's finale and the cast overall.
Big Brother 19 Finale: Jason Backyard InterviewJason had some of the happiest moments inside the Big Brother house, but he caught some heat for comments he made.
Big Brother 19 Finale: Kevin Backyard InterviewKevin didn't win America's Favorite Player, but he still left the game with $25,000.
Big Brother 19 Finale: Raven Backyard InterviewWe gave Raven the chance to clear up any lies she may have told in the house.
Big Brother 19 Finale: Paul Backyard InterviewIn the words of Julie Chen, Paul once again was a "bridesmaid". An obviously heartbroken Paul describes  what he thought went wrong.
Big Brother 19 Finale: Matt Backyard InterviewThe 19th season of Big Brother is over, but Matt isn't going home right away, he's going to stay in L.A. with Raven.
Big Brother Finale: Jessica Backyard InterviewJessica isn't being shy about her plans with Cody, she's ready for a ring!
Big Brother 19 Finale: Dominique Backyard InterviewDominique was the first houseguest to call out Paul for his shady game plan, looking back she admits that might have been a little too aggressive too soon.

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