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Was There An Inappropriate Time You Burst Into Laughter? – QOTD

There’s a time and place for laughter and sometimes people tend to burst out in laughter at inappropriate times. We want to hear all about those times.

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Man’s Cologne Leads To His Arrest & Drone Shot Down By Shotgun – Stupid New

A neighbor shots down a drone over his house. Plus a man gets caught by police thanks to his heavy cologne.

K-FROG 95.1–21 hours ago

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Tracy Morgan Speaks Out Against Walmart – Hollywood Cheese

Tracy Morgan responds to Walmart’s comments about not wearing his seatbelt.

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Amanda Bynes Arrested For DUI & The Reason Jason Derulo And Jordin Sparks Split – Hollywood Cheese

Amanda Bynes is back in the headlines and it’s not good. Plus Jason Derulo talks about his split from Jordin Sparks.


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Deep Fried Chocolate Could Kill You & Money Equates To Happiness – Stupid News

The Stupid News is filled with chocolate and money! Find out which one makes your life better and which one could kill you.

K-FROG 95.1–09/30/2014

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What’s The Grossest Thing You’ve Found In Your Car? – TMI Tuesday

Let’s be honest with the crazy traffic we have here in Southern California our cars sometimes double as our houses. Sometimes our cars don’t get the lovin like our houses do when it comes to cleaning. Which leads us to TMI Tuesday…..

K-FROG 95.1–09/30/2014

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Woman Jailed For Possession Of SpaghettiOs & Smuggling Turtles – Stupid News

A suspicious spoons lands a woman in jail. Plus a man smuggles a bunch of turtles in his clothes.

K-FROG 95.1–09/29/2014

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Kim Kardashian Attacked By Prankster Vitalii Sediuk – Hollywood Cheese

Celebrity prankster Vitalii Sediuk is at it again and this time he targeted Kim Kardashian.

K-FROG 95.1–09/26/2014

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The Best Advice My Kid Ever Gave Me Was _________ – Frogmen’s Fill In The Blank Friday

Kids have no filter and usually give you the honest truth, which makes them the perfect person to go to for advice. We want to know the kind of advice you’ve received from your kid.

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Snake In The Trunk & Good Timing For Gambler – Stupid News

There’s a surprise in the trunk of a rental car for two women. Plus a man’s good timing keeps him from getting arrested in a casino.

K-FROG 95.1–09/26/2014


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