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Which One Social Media Would You Keep? -Take A Minute Poll

If someone gave you the choice of only ONE social media to use forever. Which would you choose?

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What Secret Did You Find Out About On Social Media – Frogmen’s TMI Tuesday

Most people have Facebook “stalked” an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend before, but this woman found something out about her husband that she wasn’t ready for. A woman in Newbury, South Carolina was checking up on her […]

K-FROG 95.1–08/19/2014

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How Do I Keep My Wedding A Secret? – Wedding Wednesday

Wedding are usually bragged about and boasted about online, but what about the people who want to keep their wedding a secret. Is that possible?

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Should Facebook Allow Breastfeeding Pictures? – Frogmen Poll

Facebook recently changed it’s stance on breastfeeding picture. It once banned them, but now feel free to post away.

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Ryan Gosling’s Fake Facebook Post & Harrison Ford Missing Filming – Hollywood Cheese

Harrison Ford’s injury is keeping him from filming. Plus Ryan Gosling’s fake Facebook page fools almost a million fans.

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American reality TV star Kim Kardashian (L) and American singer Kanye West (R) leave their residence in Paris on May 23, 2014, ahead of their wedding. (Photo by: KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP/Getty Images)

What’s The Worst Wedding Speech You’ve Heard? Our Favorite Responses From This Morning

Now that we’ve learned more about the nuptials that took place between Hip Hop star Kanye West and American reality star Kim Kardashian, we asked: What’s the worst wedding speech you’ve heard?


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I’m 43 And I Have A Bully – “Head Trips With Heather”

At 43, late-morning show host Heather Froglear talks about her encounter with a bully.


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Woman Walks Off Pier While On Facebook & Christmas Party Affairs – In The Stupid News

Be careful where you Facebook. One lady found out the hard way why it’s a bad idea to do it on a pier. Plus a new survey is out about the amount of people that will cheat at their office Christmas party.

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Man Business Tackle & State Employees On Facebook – In The Stupid News

A NFL player thinks there should be a new rule to protect their private parts. Plus one state’s employees are getting called out for spending too much time on Facebook.

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The Top 10 Classic Scary Movies, 1980 Or Earlier

We’re getting into the spooky spirit here at K-FROG Radio. We’ve surveyed our staff and came up with the Top 10 Classic Scary movies (1980 or earlier).

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