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Josh Turner’s “Lay Low” – The Peanut Gallery

In “The Peanut Gallery,” Christy McLeap breaks down her favorite country songs. This week it’s all about Josh Turner’s “Lay Low.”

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Facebook’s Top 10 Entertainers Of 2014

If something’s trending, mostly likely people are posting about it on Facebook. That’s why Facebook put together their list of the Top 10 Entertainers of 2014. Any guesses? Hint: It’s a woman.

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Facebook Impostor Pages Designed To Hack Your Information

Impostors have recently weaseled their way into the world of social media, making communication confusing for many users.


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He Didn’t Leave His Number, But I Found Him On Facebook – Group Therapy Thursday

A woman needs some advice about a guy she met. She doesn’t have his number, but found him on social media, should she reach out to him?

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NFL Player Caught On Instagram During Game

Busted! NFL player Jadeveon Clowney got caught “liking” a picture on Instagram during a game that his team was losing!

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Which One Social Media Would You Keep? -Take A Minute Poll

If someone gave you the choice of only ONE social media to use forever. Which would you choose?

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What Secret Did You Find Out About On Social Media – Frogmen’s TMI Tuesday

Most people have Facebook “stalked” an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend before, but this woman found something out about her husband that she wasn’t ready for. A woman in Newbury, South Carolina was checking up on her […]

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How Do I Keep My Wedding A Secret? – Wedding Wednesday

Wedding are usually bragged about and boasted about online, but what about the people who want to keep their wedding a secret. Is that possible?

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Should Facebook Allow Breastfeeding Pictures? – Frogmen Poll

Facebook recently changed it’s stance on breastfeeding picture. It once banned them, but now feel free to post away.

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Ryan Gosling’s Fake Facebook Post & Harrison Ford Missing Filming – Hollywood Cheese

Harrison Ford’s injury is keeping him from filming. Plus Ryan Gosling’s fake Facebook page fools almost a million fans.

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